5 Myths About Working for Yourself

Reflecting on the last 5 years of working for myself I thought I would have a bit of a playful dig at, what I feel, are the 5 biggest myths about working for yourself. So in no particular order;

1) You don’t have to work as many hours.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. I have never worked so many hours in all my life. It is actually the number one joke between self employed folks.

Nothing but Time
Nothing but Time

2) You get paid HEAPS more.

On the back of writing my article working for yourself- is it worth it? I did a conservative estimate on how much i got paid per hour based on my personal taxable income last year. $13.56/h worked. Conservatively. Likely slightly less. Now there’s a joke if ever I have heard one! Lucky I love it!

3) You get to pick and choose who you do work for.

This might be true as your business grows, but not in the first 5 years from what I have seen and spoken to others about. You work for anyone who is willing to give you a chance and pay you. You will get so desperate to get money coming in at some stage in your business life cycle and it is likely you will consider doing some pretty dark things to make that happen. The kinds of things you wouldn’t tell anyone else about. The kind of things you hope the video of never sees the light of da….never mind. Next point!

4) You can do the best jobs yourself and have someone else do the crap ones.

Again, maybe true later, but common opinion amongst the folks I talk to suggests the exact opposite. Not only do you have to pass the jobs you love doing to others, you get to do tons of other jobs you hate and never realized that you would have to spend so much time doing when you started working for yourself. Like book keeping! Sorry Ma, I know you enjoy it, but I don’t . At all.

Bad Job Target Holder
Bad Job – Target Holder

5) You can take holidays whenever you want.

Not for at least the first 2 years you can’t. Or shouldn’t if you want to keep your clients happy. It is most likely that any “break” you get in the first 5 years won’t be by choice. You then spend the whole time either trying to get more work, worried about if or when you will get more work and if what ever little money you have in the bank will last until then. I don’t know what kind of crappy holidays you take, but that is no holiday for me! In fact my last 10 day “holiday” I spent 6 of those days working at some point in the day…no joke.

No Holiday
No Holiday

Well I hope at least one of those made you smile just a little. I would love to hear what you think the biggest myth about working for yourself is. Let me know in the comments below.

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