One of the “Extra Benefits” of Scanning

One of the hardest things to convey to people about working with point clouds is the “extra benefits”. The benefits that go beyond just the speed and accuracy of the capture of the data. One of those benefits is the level of detail that is captured and visible in the scans while working with them. Most people think of small features like individual cables or nuts and bolts when they think about “fine detail”. While those details are incredibly useful to have, to me I love the fact that the scans capture the signage around the site. As you can see here;

Inventor Model and Sign in Point Cloud
Inventor Model and Sign in Point Cloud

this is a “no naked flames” sign and it is a timely reminder of the kind of area we are working in. Having this reminder in the model while working with it can assist greatly in thinking about the design and installation of any new equipment going in the area. Especially when at first glance it is not an obvious area to be flame/spark free. This alone could potentially save thousands of dollars by preventing a poor decision in the design stages of a job. Have you been thinking about using 3D Scanning on a job? feel free to get in touch if you would like to know more about it or need a quote. We are happy to travel and service all of Australia.

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