Core Values

We have built our business on a foundation of honesty and integrity. By this we mean that we will tell our clients our honest opinion and stand by the work we have done for you. We will always do everything in our power to deliver you the highest quality job we can. This means we will call on every resource we have too in order to ensure your project outcomes are the best they can be.

Sure every business says that, but what does that mean coming from us?

To put it in a sentence;

We are here to help you and not rip you off in the process.

To expand on that;

If we don’t think what you are trying to achieve is a good idea or we know of a better way to do it we will offer our honest opinoin before doing the work. Even if it is something you may not want to hear or it does us out of work. But most importantly we will always explain why.

We will always go through any potential dangers, pitfalls and traps with you before we take on your job. We will advise of any potential for extra costs or expenses that we know of. This is to ensure you start your project with as much knowledge and foresight as possible.

If you still choose to proceed without taking any of our advice, that is fine by us. We are happy to help you get the result you want (as long as it is legal). We will also ensure that we regularly revise the job as work progresses to ensure the best possible outcome.

Once our work is complete you are not filed and forgotten. We back up everything related to your job and store it to ensure that if any issues arise in the future we are able to quickly restore your information and review or resupply it as required. We will also be happy to back you up in any disputes if required.

If for any reason we feel we can not supply you with a service that we ourselves would be happy to receive, we will not take your job on and if possible will recommend a reputable person or business to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your project.

We do all this while trying our hardest to charge you as little as possible for our services. If we feel that we need more information or you need to revise the information you have, we will advise you of the situation and not add additional unnecessary costs to your job until we feel the work we are doing is productive for your project.

Sound good? Get in touch today to see how we can help with your project.

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