One of the “Extra Benefits” of Scanning

Inventor Model and Sign in Point Cloud

One of the hardest things to convey to people about working with point clouds is the “extra benefits”. The benefits that go beyond just the speed and accuracy of the capture of the data. One of those benefits is the level of detail that is captured and visible in the scans while working with them. Most people think of small features like individual cables or nuts and bolts when they think about “fine detail”. While those details are incredibly useful to have, to me I love the fact that the scans capture the signage around the site. As you can see here;

Inventor Model and Sign in Point Cloud
Inventor Model and Sign in Point Cloud

this is a “no naked flames” sign and it is a timely reminder of the kind of area we are working in. Having this reminder in the model while working with it can assist greatly in thinking about the design and installation of any new equipment going in the area. Especially when at first glance it is not an obvious area to be flame/spark free. This alone could potentially save thousands of dollars by preventing a poor decision in the design stages of a job. Have you been thinking about using 3D Scanning on a job? feel free to get in touch if you would like to know more about it or need a quote. We are happy to travel and service all of Australia.

What the First 5 Years of Being in Business has Taught Me

My First Solo Computer Strip and Rebuild

It dawned on me a few weeks ago that I will be in the Darwin airport, heading home from the site where my journey of being self-employed began, 5 years, nearly to the day, since I threw in my day job and “went contracting”. I haven’t been able to help but look back on all the things that have happened in that time and ponder what got me here. Not in the “what the hell was I thinking” kind of way. Although I have thought that a few times. More in the why did I succeed in getting this far despite all the challenges and times where I should have failed. Especially where so many others have “failed” before me.

While 5 years in business hardly makes me any kind of guru or business adviser, I thought Continue reading “What the First 5 Years of Being in Business has Taught Me”

Working for Yourself, is it Worth it?

Working for yourself, is it worth it?

I get asked a lot, “Is it worth working for yourself?” It usually comes from drafters and engineers who have either been offered a contracting role or want to go out on their own as a contractor, but I do get asked by quite a few people in other fields also. Given the frequency I have been asked lately and the fact there is a distinct upward trend in contract work availability of late I thought it may be worth sharing my thoughts for anyone out there thinking of forging their own path. So here are my top 5 things to think about before chucking in your job and doing your own thing. Continue reading “Working for Yourself, is it Worth it?”

5 Things I Hate About Working for Myself

Work for yourself they said; it'll be fun they said

Because I don’t like to focus on the negative stuff too much, I thought I would have a bit of a light-hearted look at the down sides of working for yourself. This is all meant to be a bit of fun and meant for a laugh. That said it is actually based loosely on some of the things I have experienced (particularly the travel bit) as well as things I have heard, read and spoken to others about experiencing. So here’s a bit of a lighthearted look at the not so fun parts of working for yourself. Continue reading “5 Things I Hate About Working for Myself”

5 Things I Love About Working for Myself

This is the first of 5 articles I have written as part of celebrating 5 years of working for myself. It has been a long hard slog, but it seems to have flown by at the same time. So stay tuned and please join the conversation by adding a comment if anything you read strikes a cord with your own journey.

This one was harder to write then you might think. Not because Continue reading “5 Things I Love About Working for Myself”

There is no such thing as common sense.

I came to the conclusion in my early 20’s that there is no such thing as common sense and that everything we know we were taught or learned at some point. The misconception of “common sense” comes, I think, mainly from the fact that we learn so much and so quickly that often times we are not aware that we have learned something new. Our brain takes in a new experience of some form through our senses and stores it as a new bit of information with very little conscious effort on our part in a lot of cases. After a period of time with that information rattling around in our head we think it is just natural or “common sense” that everyone should know that.

Let’s take for example the Continue reading “There is no such thing as common sense.”

7 Reasons to NOT Get Your Whole Facility Remodelled.

Whole Facility Model

I know it looks great and all but please for the love of all things good and pure stop getting your whole facility remodelled off 3D scan data! I know this sounds counter intuitive coming from someone who provides 3D scanning as a service, but we also do 3D modelling and drafting. Wait a minute, that makes it sound worse, not better. So join me on a little journey while I explain why it is a bad idea to get your whole facility remodelled off scan data not to mention a complete waste of money.

It’s time to dish out some hard truths and reality checks about 3D modelling and scan data so strap yourself in, this ride might get a little rough for some.

I Feel I need to put a warning in here for anyone that wants to Continue reading “7 Reasons to NOT Get Your Whole Facility Remodelled.”