March/April 2017 Jimboomba Flood Photos

We just wanted to take  a minute to let all our clients know that although we are based “in” Jimboomba (just south) we were one of the lucky ones that managed to stay high and dry.

However we did start getting bad power surges on Wednesday (29th) afternoon as the bad weather started to approach meaning that we had to turn off and disconnect our computers. We finally lost power on Friday (31st) and were without power until Sunday (2nd). Although we had power we were still getting bad surges on the Monday (3rd) due to the bad winds that persisted through the day. We were back to work Yesterday (Tuesday 4th) and we are trying hard to catch up on our back log of work. We have to thank our very understanding clients for bearing with us through the delays.

While we were very mildly inconvenienced with the power issues and being land locked by the flood waters for a couple of days, it is nothing compared to those that have lost everything and are currently having to clean up. We have to also give a huge shout out to our local rural fire brigade who were out and about from the start of the bad weather and are still very active in the area checking on people and getting everything back to normal. They have been nothing short of amazing.

As much as we wanted to go out and get some photos of where the flood waters came up to we didn’t want to take the risk and add to the already heavy traffic of sight seers. However I did have a couple of drone batteries that needed to be discharged, so after the wind dropped off on Friday afternoon I decided to put the drone up and capture a few photos of the flood waters we could see down the end of our street. I must say it was a bit of a surprise to see how much water was down there!

View from the ground. This is one of the houses right at the end of our street.

This is out behind their neighbours place looking north.

This was our neighbours driveway just starting to go over. Ours followed not long after, but for some reason i never got a photo of that.

We also snapped this when we went to leave our place on Friday morning to see if the shops at Jimboomba were open. Thankfully there was another road out that wasn’t under water.

After the water dropped a little and the traffic died down, we went over to the road out the back of our place. In the drone photos this is the bit that looks like a lake. You can see the debris on the road from where the water was up to. The white house on the left is also the white house that can be seen in the second photo from the end of our street.

All the cows and horses remained  high and dry with plenty of feed. A bit Muddy though.

All in all we consider ourselves to be very lucky to get out of all of that unscathed and hope that everyone out there is OK and can get back on their feet as fast as possible.

Autodesk Share Holders You Are Being Lied To!


So last week I posted an article about how “I wanted to break up with Autodesk” over their recent proposed licensing and software delivery changes.

Since then I have been trying to work out the reality of what this change means for my business, my business model, how I am going to handle that change and what that ultimately means to my clients. (do I hand the cost of this change over to them?)

There are quite a few things that have been bugging me though and tonight while trying to write another article about this change and reading more about it, it finally hit me, the biggest thing that has been bothering me that I just couldn’t put my finger on. Continue reading “Autodesk Share Holders You Are Being Lied To!”

Do you have your CAD systems setup properly? If not, why not?

Quick Job Drawing

I was working on a couple of jobs with a client the other day when the director of the company contacted me and said, “I have another engineer on another site that needs something quickly modeled in Inventor to get a point across to our client, can you knock something up for me before your next meeting?” Well, no dramas I thought, this Continue reading “Do you have your CAD systems setup properly? If not, why not?”

Got a Rush Job Before the End of the Year?

christmas countdown clock

As we move into the final months of the year it is inevitable that we get “that” phone call. You know the one where your client asks you to do 8 weeks of work in 6 weeks, starting today. Or the one where you get asked to squeeze that one more small job in when you are already overloaded. Before you go out and ask who is willing to work through the Christmas break, read on.

Now might be a good time to consider Continue reading “Got a Rush Job Before the End of the Year?”

How many scans will it take?

3D Scanning complex pipes

One of the most common misconceptions with laser scanning is that you only need one or two scans to capture an entire room. While this might be true in some cases, it certainly isn’t for the most part. In fact I personally love it when I can get away with one or two scans in a room, it makes me feel like I am getting my job done really fast! I wanted to take a moment to try and show people that may be looking to use scanning how we work out how many scans it takes to do a job so it doesn’t catch you off guard when you get a quote back for 20 scans when you thought it would take 3 or 4.

When most people contact me for the first time for quotes on scanning they commonly say something along the lines of Continue reading “How many scans will it take?”

It’s faster because it’s different, stop trying to make it the same!

Never really being comfortable with the whole “this is the way we’ve always done it” argument I have always been one to question why things were being done the way they are and always looked for a better/faster/cheaper solution to problems. Since getting a 3D Laser Scanner I have really noticed Continue reading “It’s faster because it’s different, stop trying to make it the same!”