CAD Management


CAD Management is more than justCAD Folder Structure deciding what order your CAD jobs are done in. CAD Management should cover everything from where your files are saved and what they are named through to what programs you are working with and how those programs are set up to best handle the work you do.


If you have ever been responsible for having to set up a new piece of software of any kind you know how frustrating and time consuming that can be alone. So knowing how to handle the files that come out of that software can be another daunting task of equal magnitude.

CAD Programs

If you are looking for an “easy way out” of working all this out, we would be happy to help.


To work efficiently in our field we realised pretty early on that we had to spend some time on setting up our software to do all of our common tasks quickly and efficiently. This turned out to not only be an insanely difficult task, but one that involved thousands of hours of reading, practice and ultimately trial and error to get just the right results.

CAD Management

We realised that not everyone has that kind of time to spend on getting things right. Nor do most businesses have the kind of person with that much commitment to or patients for the task to devote to getting this done. This is where our experience comes in. Because we have “been there; done that”, we can either set things up for you or train you or your staff in how to do specifically what you want to do.

Even if you have nothing or very little in place already, we have set up enough drafting standards now that we know all the right questions to ask to get you rapid results. If you only have a small budget or just want to build a standard over time, we can help with a plan of attack and a staged roll out plan to help get the most bang for your buck. Or if you already have a large drafting office and need a spit and polish on the work you are already doing, we would be happy to offer an outsiders opinion.

Even though we work across lots of different industries and do lots of different tasks within those industries, it was possible for us to halve our drafting times by taking the time to set up some things like drafting standards that include work flows, templates, title blocks, drawing symbols, content libraries and many other things that we use all the time. If reading that last sentence made your head spin at the thought of doing all that, you should probably give us a call.