While our preference is to work with Autodesk Inventor, we are well versed in multiple 3D modelling software packages and are always happy to do our work in a format that is native to your requirements.

Ceramic Lined Conveyor Chute in Autodesk Inventor
Ceramic Lined Conveyor Chute in Autodesk Inventor

If you require a specific 3D format at the end of the job, we will make sure you get your files and that you can use them before we consider our job done. If we can’t we won’t take on your job.




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  • Title: Virtual Tour
  • Description: Plant Room from Inventor
  • Author: By Josh Killalea
  • Date/Time: Feb 2017


Don’t let the name and our emphasis on 3D fool you, while we love our 3D we realise that it is awfully difficult to make things from a 3D model alone. To us there is something very satisfying about seeing a well done drawing. It doesn’t matter too much if that drawing is of a simple bearing shaft, a platform and tank farm or a whole processing facility. We love to do great drawings for our clients.

Conveyor Head Chute Drawing
Conveyor Head Chute Drawing

As such we are also exceptional well versed in the use of AutoCAD. Whether it is a rough floor plan or a detailed design, we can do it in AutoCAD for you. If your job requires accurate detailed DXF files for profile cutting or other machining processes, we can do that too. We can even supply drawings done in most 3D software in a DWG or DXF format.

It doesn’t matter what it is we are putting into a drawing we like to ensure that our drawings are clear, easy to read and have all the required information on them. To this end we have very strict drafting standards that we work to and are always happy to work to our clients standards using their templates if required.


With the world starting to migrate to using point clouds, it is more important then ever to keep up with the latest developments in this area. Complete 3D Concepts can not only work with point clouds, but capture them also with our Leica P30 Scanstation (3D Laser scanner). This means we are 100% in control of the quality of the process. Meaning that your jobs will be done faster and more accurately than with traditional methods or by having the scans done by another service provider.

Point Cloud and 3D Model
Point Cloud and 3D Model


When the job is done Complete 3D Concepts will always leave you with files you can use later in a format that your business uses. Be it the 3D model, a 2D drawing or the captured reality information, we will go out of our way to ensure you are left with useful information at the end of every job and not just a hand full of PDFs or files you cannot open.